Dessert, Sweeten sweets


These sweets are terrible ……… one pulls the other, crispy outside and soft inside !!  They create addiction !!



350 gr of Cake flour

100 gr of potato starch

150 gr of almond flour

150 gr of eggs

130 gr of sugar

100 gr of butter

100 gr of milk

10 gr of baking powder

2 gr of salt

1 organic orange (zest)

1/2 vanilla bean

peanut oil for frying






Soften the butter by keeping it at room temperature for a couple of hours, boiling milk with orange zest and vanilla and cover with plastic wrap for two hours.


 Pour the eggs, sugar and salt into the planetary.


Mount well for about ten minutes. Add the butter and knead again. Incorporate the sifted flours, almond flour, baking powder alternating with milk (with orange and vanilla). The dough will be rather soft, but easy to handle.

Cover the dough with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for an hour.

Remove a piece of dough at a time and make cords about 2.5 / 3 cm in diameter. Cut into small pieces and rolled lightly in your hands.


Heat the peanut oil and bring it to a 170/175 ° T.


Dip the castagnole with the help of a perforated ladle. Turn them over so that they brown evenly.


Transfer the castagnole gradually on absorbent paper – you will realize that they absorb very little oil! –

Roll the castagnole in icing sugar when they are still hot. I preferred white granulated sugar.


They are ready !


Enjoy your meal!

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